Call for Submissions: Trans & Genderqueer Adolescence Stories

Carrie Colbitts is collecting submissions on being trans or genderqueer and going through puberty/adolescence for her 7-12th grade students.

As she says herself, "it’s rough trying to find age appropriate material for a Trans kid. It’s imperative that young people who are Trans and Genderqueer see themselves in print, ideally in the curriculum but at the minimum in readings a queer, liberal, concerned, shit starting teacher passes on to them."

Essays, anecdotes, comix, and poetry are accepted, but please keep in mind that "the pieces should be free of cursing and super overt sexual content."

Send submissions to: Please send as an attachment in basic word formatting with “Zine Submission” as the subject.

Include; a title for your piece, how you’d like to be credited - the name you’d like to use, and any contact info you want included in the zine. If you’d like a copy of the finished product send me your mailing address.

Deadline: March 1, 2012.
Publication: April, 2012

If you've got a Facebookaccount, check out their call for submissions page.