Zine Cataloging Report, January 23, 2011

Licking Stars Off Ceilings #18

Another reason to love author Clementine Cannibal:

now that i've been making zines for a long time, i'm pretty well known, and i want to say once and for all that no grrrl should ever be scared to approach me, contact me or try to be friends with me. i love grrrls and i want to be your friend. i want to read your zine. i will not make fun of it. i don't care if you have typos. i don't care if you spell shit wrong or the photocopier cut shit off the sides. i'm happy when any grrrl makes media, because grrrls are systematically silenced and i refuse to take part in that silencing.

Nefarious Doings in Revisionist Tourist Attractions
A Series of Mother-Daughter Photo Zines from Hong Kong
Day 4: Cheung Chau

Political activist and author Vikki Law and her 5-year-old daughter use photography to document their travels in Hong Kong. 

Practice Apartment

Sandy Loam Sampler

Three itsy-bitsy one-page-folding-zines by Marissa Falco, a long-time favorite zinester of ours, as well as a generous zine donor.  (Zine donor--that sounds a little like it's a body-part donation, and in a way it is.)


Sleepy Head

This zine is undated, but we're guessing mid-1990s from the lack of an email address. Great clip art choices from Amalia Levari, whose creative outlets nowadays seem to include tweeting bus haiku.

Slip into Something Human

Slow Leek #19

"Being zine writers, and thus uncomfortable in social settings, our conversations were on the shy side."

The Sludge Pond #s 5-6, 8-10 and Gooey Grape: An Interview with Regina (A Sticky Sludge Pond Who-Are-You Production)


Written and drawn by Columbia alumna Megan Gendell, this is a tiny illustrated one-page-folding-zine.