The U's

I'm working my way through our cataloging backlog, which I hope to finish by the end of the semester. This weekend, I'm tackling zines starting with the letter U. Much can be gleaned about girl and feminist culture from zines, even from just their titles, so I thought I'd list the titles of the U zines I'm working on. For your delectation and edification:

  • Ugly
  • Ugly Mug
  • Ultra Violet Q-Tips (four issues)
  • Unaffiliated: an Issue for All the Anarcha-Feminists
  • Unapologetic Choice: a Radical Abortion and Reproductive Rights Journal
  • The Underbelly of the Sun (five issues)
  • Underpants
  • Unified Conception (has a crayon glued onto the cover)
  • Unravelling the World
  • Up
  • Up Yours
  • UpSlut: the Revolution of Female Effrontery Continues
  • Urban Legends