Zine Cataloging Report: June 7, 2013

This week in zine cataloging, I'm still catching up with the zines our beloved Keight Bergmann bestowed upon us. It could take me all summer.

From Keight's Flickr stream

Compliments of Keight

Earnest in Town & Jack in the Country. Maria (pronounced Mariah!). 1990s?

"In a zine you learn as much about the author from what she doesn't have to say as you do from what she does. It's assumed people are white & straight until they say otherwise. So what you'd learn by omission (or lack of necessity) from this zine about me is that I am white, reasonably well-to-do, provided for. Are racism & classism my battles to fight? Only if I make them."

From a self interview:
M: what is something you do every day?
m: wear jewelry. wear perfume. forget to put on deodorant. wish for mail. eat eat eat. get a papercut.

The East Village Inky #s 1-7. Ayun Halliday. 1998-2000.
This addition completes our East Village Inky collection, including giving us circulating copies of #s 2 & 7!

"The East Village Inky is published 4 times a year to aid travellers, whet the appetite of artistic teenagers stuck in the middle of Indiana and to provide a manageable creative outlet for the mother of baby Inky." [few issue 1 promises for regular publication actually deliver--go Ayun (who now publishes three times a year, but managed four for a very long time)]

"oh dear tompkins square playground, even though you are full of broken glass & cigarette butts & big kids on bikes lobbing water balloons at eachother, I am totally in your thrall! I don't much care that a dead pigeon was discovered beneath the baby's gym...I'm just glad that no one's ever erased the drawings of naked ladies under the stairs. On your filthy, sacred ground, I could take my ease forever, watching the thuggish interaction of young children, the ice broken with other (well, I guess having a baby makes it official) adults-who I would have liked even if we didn't have children in common (and could sleep late & take long showers & see movies & plays) So far are you from the spirit-leeching suburbs, so safe are you from the immediate nutcases & big city despair that I love you with all my ♥ & what's left of my brain." --sign off from #1.

Eno Scent #s 1-2. Shino Arihara. 1998-1999.

Espionage #6. Kat Asharya. 2002?

Extemporaneous #s "Poor Taste Issue," 19, 20, 22 (two different issues), 24. Sara and Beth Billard. 1995?-1997?

interview questions for Julia Child, Kim Deal, Simon Gilbert and others:

  • Have you ever had a silly pet/nick name?
  • Describe your perfect day.
  • Self-portrait
  • Describe the weirdest day you ever had.
  • What's your favorite outfit?
  • Describe the person(s) you had a crush on in your youth.

Food Geek #3. Carrie McNinch. 2001?

"Here's something I like to do: I take pizza dough and wrap it around little cubes of mozarella and make little balls. Then I boil them in tomato sauce. Pizza dumplings. Mmm!" (letter to the editor from Stevie Hartman)

Frida ♥ Diego Mail Order catalogs. Celia C. Perez. March & December 2000. 

Donated by Owner

Doris #30. Cindy Crabb. 2013. 

Rosa's Travels #s1 & 2. Rosita Adams. 2013. 

Yep, it's a travel zine. My favorite part is Rosita's city reviews, most of them pans:

Texas - Nothing but goddamn Flatland
Bridgeport, CT - broken down houses, empty factorie, and a pretty ugly, pretentious shitty city
Boston, MA - New York's rival on high rent, racist bastards, and grimy climate

Tenacious: Art & Writings from Women in Prison #28. Edited by Vikki Law. 2013. 

New-to-Us Subject Headings

Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)--Description and travel.

East Village (New York, N.Y.)--Description and travel.