POC Zines from Mimi Thi Nguyen

We are ecstatic to have just received a donation of zines by people of color from Mimi Thi Nguyen, labor of lovingly photocopied by UIUC graduate research assistant in English Ariana Ruiz. The donation was delivered by Daniela Capistrano on behalf of the POC Zine Project. w00t!

We haven't had a chance to catalog the following zines yet, so here's a basic listing of the delights in Mimi's collection. (Mistaken and incomplete attributions possible.)

New to our collection:

Bakery, by Christina
Borelando, by Mimi Ilano
Broken Thought 1 & 2, by Ben/Various
Cage 1-3, by Dzung Vo
Chinese, Japanese, Indian Chief edited by Bianca Ortiz
Consider yourself kissed # 2, by Yumi
#1, by Lynn Hou
Eracism #s 1 & 2, by the Revolution Rising Collective and Lucid Nation
Exedra #4 by various authors
Funeral #s 01 & 02 by Sugar
Hey White Girl by Elizabeth Anne
Hollyhock #s3 & 4.5 by Lida #3 split with War 1
Housewife Turned Assassin! #s 2 & 4 by Dani and Sisi
Kreme Koolers 2 & 4 Keyan Keyan
Marks in Time: The Very Early Go-Gos's by Eden and Iraya
Messy Flowers #3/Lolita by Hanna Fushihara
Mestiza by Bianca Ortiz
My Broken Halo #2 by Mesheyle (c/o Donia and Melody)
Photobooth Toolbox #2 by Andrea Fernandez
Screaming Goddess #s 1 & 4 by Zakia 
Secret Agent Girl
no. 666 by Lida
Totally Fucked Up #1 by bluegrrl
Wild Honey Pie #10 by Kristy Chan

Second copy, therefore will available for borrowing:

Behind these fragile walls #1, by Lan Nguyen
Boredom Sucks #8.5, by L.J. Martin
Hey Mexican!
, by Bianca Ortiz
#4, by Bianca Ortiz
Mija, by Bianca Ortiz 
Pure Tuna Fish #s 1, 6 & 8 by Rita Fatila
Scarbaby by Johanna Eeva
Tennis and Violins by Kristy Chan
Wild Honey Pie #9 by Kristy Chan
YAWP! #13 Johanna Eeva
You Might as Well Live #s4 & 8 by L.J. Martin. #4 is a split with Superette #12