Flag Day Zine Cataloging

I remember from elementary school that June 14th is Flag Day, hence the title of this post. 

Image from Molly's Blog

Still more zines from Keight

From Here to Lawrence, Kansas by Katrina Linda, 2004. 
Amtrak-ing it to northwest zine fests and ending up in Kansas. 

Galaxy Distortion #1-3 by Suzanne Coady, 1998-2000?
Prom, faeries, loneliness and Strawberry Shortcake. 

A Girl and Her Bike #6 by Angie Dueck, 1998.
Clever weirdness in couplets. 

Glosspot #2 by Jen Sbragia, 2004. 
"...a few comics I have been saving up, plus some photographs, and even some personal journal-ish things, just for the sake of pretentious self-importance. heh. Just kidding. Sorta."

Good Egg Day, by Marissa Falco, 1998. 
Illustrated traightedge adventures at hardcore show, punk prom and with rats. 

Good Faerie #12, by Gretchen, 1996?
Bisexual Mormon, sock survey results. 

Hands Off Parts 2-4 by Heather Lynn, 1995-?
"My new motto is fuck being put together."

Hope #16 & 18 by Elissa Nelson, 1999 & 2001.
Read Elissa's old zines, and mail her a nice letter. Now

How Fucking Romantic: a Comic by Summer
Minicomic full of male and female crushes: celebrities, schoolmates, ICQ and other internet connections, spouse. 

How I Learned to do IT Bloody Murder, by Heather Lynn. 
Fiction about a stay in a mental hospital. 

I Am a Camera #8, by Vanessa Berry.

Icecreamstar #1, by Elsa Pires, 1994. 
Interviews with tons of European bands. 

Ich Heisse Amerika #11, by Mollie, 1999.
Homeschooled lesbian teen. 

If You Were Here We Would Be Best Friends, by Suzanne and Ally, 2000. 
Letters between two would-be best friends. 

Igasho and Other Stories by Kalah Allen, 2000. 
Some of the comics feature animals prominently, but the animals don't talk. Duh. 

From the Zine Maker

Mixed Feelings: An I Statements Smörgåsbord by Jude Vachon & Kelly McElroy, 2013. 
Two librarians, processing. 

You Know Better #6 by Isabel Sparkle, 2013. 
The breakup issue. Four years. :(

New-to-us Library of Congress Subject Headings

Communication--Psychological aspects. 

Communcation--Social aspects. 

Softies (Musical group). 

Sound--Recording and reproducing--Handbooks, manuals, etc.