posted by Amy Raviwrong

Hey Everyone,

I'm looking for zine submissions for a zine exchange station/library/trade center at an upcoming show this month in Chelsea called INTO THE NEON. the show is being put on by myself and a group of  fabulous queer artists mostly based in Brooklyn that you most likely already love (but if you don't already, you will).

this is a great opportunity to get yr zine out there as well as connect with other people making zines in the area.  ALL I NEED FROM YOU IS A FEW COPIES OF YR ZINE FOR THE DISPLAY SHELF!  you may not get them back.

a little about the project.
Zine Station:
Is a set of shelves specifically designed for the purpose of being an interactive transient collection of zines housed in the gallery.  It functions as a place for visitors to read, drop off, take and trade a variety of hand made books and magazines.  Visitors are encouraged to bring their own personal zines, art books and various paper arts to contribute to this constantly evolving station.

here's a link to the rest of the show

please, let me know as soon as possible if you would like yr zine in
the station or if you have any questions.  i can be reached at